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Fundraising With Travel


Fundraising and
FREE Travel! Personalized Services International Travel Agency Division will work with you to structure a fundraising and/or free travel program to achieve your desired results. Fundraising with travel is the best way to build WIN-WIN relationships with travelers and charities.

Are you looking for a great way to earn money for your organization? Travel is an excellent way to raise money and have fun doing it on a group vacation. Your Future Group Travel has helped many groups over the years earn money through Group Travel. People prefer to travel with others that they have something in common with especially if it benefits an organization close to their hearts. Fundraising with travel is a great way of making money and having fun!

Whether a Non-Profit Organization: an Association, or Church/Synagogue, each company or organization is always looking for ways to earn money. People today want something for their money. They don’t want to just give away money without getting something in return. By starting a group trip and add a fundraising element to the group you are able to support a worthy cause or start a side business. The organization makes money and those on the group vacation fellowship, build memories, have loads of fun and relax on an awesome vacation.

Your Future Group Travel  and Personalized Services International Travel Agency Division can help you put together a great vacation that will appeal to your group members in order to get the maximum amount of funds possible for your organization! Plus, we handle all of the bookings, so you will not be bothered with the little details. Call us today to begin earning those needed funds!

Let us put more money in your bank by Fundraising with Travel

Let us put more money in your bank by Fundraising with Travel

This program is well suited for Schools, Charities, Non-profits, Religious Organizations, Sports Teams, Hospitals, Conferences, Social Groups & Clubs, Family Reunions, Wedding/Honeymoon planning and more.  Not only does your group receive an excellent value, but you’ll also earn complimentary trips and have the ability to earn money.

We have helped many organizations and individuals that are able to capitalize on the high value of travel for fundraising purposes, or simply as a side business.

Fundraising With Travel  – Not-For-Profit Organizations & Charities

Our goal is to have you earn those funds that you need to support the projects to help others and to fund social programs. Fundraising with Travel is an ideal way for non-profit groups to earn money, as their members already provide their organization support and they going to take a vacation yearly, so it is most likely their supporters will sign up to take a vacation to support the organization.

Fundraising With Travel – Associations

Are you finding it a challenge to earn the extra funds for your organization that you need? Have you considered getting your members to take a trip together  to help you raising more to advertise your association or to fund a new program? By fundraising with travel your association can earn money, save money and your members can grow closer on a fun vacation. We can help your association even more by signing up for our Travel Referral Program and earn an additional 25% of the commission we make on booking this group vacation.  We believe in a partnership that is a win-win for everyone.

No matter what association you are with, Your Future Group can help you organize all of the travel arrangements for a group vacation. We do most all of the work for you. We can help select the perfect trip for your group, provide you with marketing material, handle all of the bookings and payments, send the documents out to each passenger, and then provide you with money! What more can you ask?

Whatever association fundraising you are planning Your Future Group and Personalized Services International Travel Agency Division can save you time, and money. We help all associations with all facets of fundraising. We have specialists who are ready to help your association to ensure you receive the most affordable rate while getting quality service.

Fundraising with Travel – Faith-Based Group Travel

One common thread that runs through any religious organization: everyone has the same interest. Because of this church and synagogue groups are excellent at fundraising through group travel. Are your members tired of being asked to donate? Do they want to get something for their money? If so, a group trip is the perfect solution.

We travel to explore new places, to meet new people and to walk in the footsteps of those who have gone before us. We travel to see the beauty and charm of the world, to experience different customs and cultures, to marvel and be moved. And, it’s the stories we hear and encounter while traveling that help us open our minds as we journey through life.

Only Your Future Group and Personalized Services International Travel Agency Division bring you the perfect blend of faith, fellowship and fun. We have designed our faith-based program to include the world’s most spiritual and inspiring destinations matched with the history, culture, landscapes and cuisine that make these regions rich with experiences, providing travelers meaningful — and fun — vacations.

Your Future Group has worked with religious organizations for over 6 years. We can help you determine which trip would be the best for your fundraising opportunity. Then, we will provide you with marketing material and support to make your group successful. No need to worry about keeping tabs of all the payments, we will manage this process for you. We can even send all of the tickets/documents straight to the member’s home, again, something you will not have to worry about. We can provide your group a webpage on our website to allow you to better communicate all the planning factor and travel itinerary.   And lastly, we will send your church or synagogue a donation check as part of our Travel Referral Program. Again, this is an WIN-WIN relationship we want to establish with your organization.

Fundraising with Travel – How it works.

Here’s an example of how it works………  If you bring 100 people on a cruise, you earn six free berths (beds/cabins) at a value of $1,000 each, or $6,000 total.

Receive FREE Hotel rooms within your group when you book 20 to 30 rooms in your group; it all depend on the provider or resort. We will ensure this feature is included in your group hotel contract.

Add $25 per person to the same trip above and increase your earnings by $2,500.

We do not set the fundraising topper amount so you can add $50, $75, or $100.00 to the cost of a group and raise money for your cause or event.

FREE Travel. Using the same example above…..
You and a friend/spouse can use 2 of the free berths earned to travel for FREE and you or your church would still earn $4,000 cash donation!

We can link your group travel to one of our current groups to ensure you save money, and take advantage of travel savings and increase your fundraising opportunities to ensure your fundraiser is a great success. We will work hard to make your family or group vacation a DREAM.

Call us today to plan your Fundraising with Travel, 1-866-774-4077, to start your association fundraising group trip and to join our Travel Referral Program.  The sooner you call, the sooner you will start earning money.

You can book vacations direct from our website: You will find travel deals for vacation packages, hotels, flights, rental cars, cruises and more……