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What if your can make and save money doing what you love to do – Travel the world, Take a Vacation & Make Money?


FREE DONATIONS all year round for Charities, Religious Organizations, Schools or Not-For-Profit

Our Travel Referral Program is help travelers around the USA make money doing what they already are going to do travel. So start a group, planning a family reunion or have your friends and family join you on a group and make money while on your vacation. If you have taken a vacation in the last 3 years you have lost MONEY by not using our travel referral program.

Our Travel Referral Program is a “One of a Kind” travel rewards & donation program that is FREE! Here is how it works.

1.  Sign up on and visit the Travel Services drop down:

A. Read content on our Free Money Traveling Webpage
B. Review or Download the Guidelines, Terms and Conditions
C. Complete the online signup form on the Travel Referral Program Signup webpage – if you are a Not-For-Profit, Charity, Religious Organization your commission payments for referring customers to us are given as a FREE Donation.

2.  Agree to the guidelines, terms and conditions within the online application.

3.  We will provided you with your unique travel referral & rewards program (TRRP) customer ID.

4.  Book your travel on and send us an email message with your booking information with your TRP number or call us direct, so we can apply your booking to your account.

This is a simple program designed to say Thank You for being a valued customer of Personalized Services International Travel Agency.



If you are going to take a vacation soon – it is important that you JOIN our TRAVEL REFERRAL & REWARDS PROGRAM TODAY & Book your vacation with our Travel Agency!


MAKING $2,000 to $5,000 PER MONTH!

This is a FREE program & you DO NOT pay a membership fee!

Make Free Money Traveling is the best thing any frequent traveler can do to earn more money or travel for FREE!  Earn commissions (Free Money on Vacations) just by joining or free program and referring your family, friends and colleagues to our agency. It is just as simple as completing an application and call us to book your next vacation.  Travel Referrals for Cash, and Cash for Referring Customers are all ways we reward our customers and independent contractors for entrusting their friends, family and social groups to us via a formal referral program.  We are eager to earn your trust and send your referral off on a exciting vacation.

Their is no time like the present to join our Travel Referral Program - Complete the application online and hit enter for more money!

Their is no time like the present to join our Travel Referral Program – Complete the application online and hit enter for more money!

Our Travel Referral & Rewards Program has been improved.  Now we are paying 25% commission on travel referrals we receive from independent contractors, groups and individuals travelers. These payments are based on what we receive from the providers of travel; the airline industry does not pay commissions, this is not included in this program.  However, we will book airline tickets as a courtesy for our customers.  This improved program allows the individuals to self refer and receive 10% of the commission payments we receive, when you purchase a vacation package from us (Hotel, Flight, Rental Car, Cruise Booking or Tours), but to take advantage of this awesome opportunity and refer others, you must join this FREE program.

Free Money Traveling & Fundraising

Free Money Traveling working very well with groups, associations, charities and schools.  This is an easy way to fundraise money as well. We allow groups to add a fundraising element to their group. Learn more about this program by visiting and see all the many ways we help others achieve their fundraising goals.

Free Money Traveling:  Program Benefits

Make more money than what you can carry in a money bag

Make more money than what you can carry in a money bag

1. Make money from your vacation

2. Earn money by referring people who are going to travel anyway!

3. Your Referrals will receive outstanding customer services and we price match deals from all of the main providers of travel for the same or equal vacation packages:  Apple Vacations, Pleasant Holidays, Classic Vacations, Globus, GoGo Travel, Club Med, Carnival Cruises, Holland American, Royal Caribbean, Norwegian and many other providers

Free Money Traveling – Join Today!

To join the program you agree to us issuing you an IRS 1099 at the end of the tax year, so you must sign an application and complete a W-9 form; this is not required for charities and Not-For-Profit organizations.  Charities and Not-For-Profit organizations received payments as a DONATION!  Commission payments are paid on the 21th day the month after the referral has traveled.  If you want to make money referring customers to us, we would love to hear from you.  Feel free to contact us at Personalized Services International Travel Agency: 1-866-774-4077. To eliminate any type of fraud, you can only join this program as a contractor by completing the required application.

1.  Download a W-9:  W-9 Form

2. Application Download for Travel Referral & Rewards Program: TRAVEL REFERRAL PROGRAM APPLICATION

You can sign up for this program online for free:


You can book vacations direct from our website: Your will find travel deals for vacation packages, hotels, flights, rental cars, cruises and more……