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We offer a vacation savings plan that allows a client the option of planning for their vacation up to a year before they travel. This payment plan carries a administrative fee of 15% of the total cost of the trip. There will be no waivers for this fee if you decide this as a payment option.  There are several ways to benefit from this payment-over-time program.  If a client decides not to travel, they can withdraw their deposited money minus the 15% administration fee. The Administrative Fee covers the payment reversal cost and program clerical administration.   Additionally, we accept all major credit cards, except American Express, for any payment-over-time plans.  If you desire to pay for your vacation in full, we will accept American Express via any of our websites.  Please visit our Payment Page.  You can pay via Paypal without having a Paypal account by using any major credit card.



Fast.  Personalized Services International Travel Agency can ensure receive your visa or passport in the fastest way possible.

Easy.  We can help.  Our specialists are available by phone or email.

Secure.  Personalized Services International is partnered with VisaCentral/CIBT to maintain the highest industry standard in data security during the process of your visa and passport.

Last Minute Passports. If you need a last minute passports or passport we can expedite your application to 15-30days.

Need your passport quickly?

Personalized Services International Travel Agency can renew your US passport in a day.

Passport  Requirement Information:

* U.S. citizens taking “closed-loop” cruises (sailings that both originate and terminate in the same U.S.port) are not required to have a passport, but will need proof of citizenship such as an original or certified copy of a birth certificate, a certificate of naturalization, a passport card, an enhanced driver’s license(EDL) as well as agovernment-issued photo ID. Children are also required to bring proof of citizenship,and if 16 and over, a photo ID is also required. If a cruise begins and ends in different U.S. ports or begins and ends in a foreign port, a valid passport or other compliant document is required.

All other non US citizens must have a passport for air, land and sea travel.


Minors are considered to be under the age of 21. Guests between 13 and 17 years of age must travel with their parent, grandparent or court-appointed legal guardian in either: the same stateroom or can be separated by up to 3 staterooms down or across the hall. If assigned in separate staterooms, cabin assignment with names and full per person deposits are required. Guests under the age of 13 must travel in the same stateroom with one of the adults previously mentioned, including guests under 14 years of age traveling in a balcony stateroom. Guests 18 through 20 years of age traveling with a parent, close relative, or court-appointed legal guardian are not required to be within close proximity of the adult’s stateroom if assigned in separate staterooms. Guests under the age of 21 not traveling with one of the following (parent, grandparent or court-appointed legal guardian) MUST travel with a guardian 25 years or older in the same stateroom. If the group consists of 8 staterooms or more with guests who are not traveling with their parent, grandparent or court-appointed legal guardian, guests in those staterooms will be required to pre-pay gratuities and those minors will be required to pay $100 USD, or its equivalent in foreign currency, per person damage deposits. Please note the drinking age on all ships is 21. Once onboard the ship, minors are required to deposit $150 USD cash on 7 day cruises and $100 USD on 3/4 day cruises for their Sail and Sign cards if not in possession of their own credit card.

Personalized Services International, LLC has reduced rates for its clients who use our Visa & Passport Services.

Call 866-774-4077 and mention account code 43846 when calling to receive a discount on your Visa or Passport processing fee.  Personalized Services International Travel Agency document experts are available – Monday through Friday 10:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. Central Time

Please visit our support page to find additional information about passports and how to apply for a USA Passport: Select the services you need and complete the application

All traveler leaving or entering the USA via air is required to have a valid passport regardless of age!








Apply for an Express Passport Application Online

Apply for an Express Passport Application Online

Beginning April 1, 2011, the U.S. Department of State will require the full names of the applicant’s parent(s) to be listed on all certified birth certificates to be considered as primary evidence of U.S. citizenship for all passport applicants, regardless of age.  Certified birth certificates missing this information will not be acceptable as evidence of citizenship.  This will not affect applications already in-process that have been submitted or accepted before the effective date.

For more information, see 22 CFR 51.42(a).

To obtain a new birth certificate, see the CDC.

In addition to this requirement, certified copies of birth certificates must also include the following information to be considered acceptable primary evidence of U.S. citizenship:

  • Full name of the applicant
  • Date of birth
  • Place of birth
  • Raised, embossed, impressed or multicolored seal of issuing authority
  • Registrar’s signature
  • The date the certificate was filed with the registrar’s office (must be within one year)

If you cannot obtain a birth certificate that meets these requirements, please see 

Secondary Evidence of U.S. Citizenship.


Complete your passport application DS 11 form online: